Review: Ubbi Tweat Snack Container

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One step forward, two steps backward. Some days, that’s how the mommy dance goes.

The other day I purchased a standard supermarket snack container so Cole can snack on-the-go, hopefully without the mess. I wanted one with a spill guard so a tiny hand can go in, but the snacks can’t come out (hopefully). So I gave it a trial run on the drive to Target with white cheddar cheese puffs.

Well, you can see the aftermath of that endeavor…

Cole finished his cheese puffs and flipped the container over like it was a Parmesan shaker. What’s pictured here is the visible mess from the top angle. What’s not pictured is the atomic bomb of crumbs stuck to his booty and wedged into the seat.

Even switching snacks from crumbly cheese puffs to Cheerios, the mess remained. One hand goes in, 25 Cheerios come out. My dog highly enjoyed this mommy blooper moment.

Determined to make this work, I switched tactics. After some Amazon searching, I came across the Ubbi Tweat Snack Container.

Although a little pricier than other brands (I paid $16.99 for two), I was willing to pay extra for a quality product in this case.

What I instantly liked about the Ubbi Tweat Snack Containers is the resealable lid. In all of my searching, this is one of the few brands that featured this. Sometimes I pack snacks for Cole for later, and I like them to maintain their freshness.

I also only buy products that are BPA free and labeled “Dishwasher Safe” (because who enjoys hand-washing dishes?), so that was an added bonus.

I noticed right away that the product quality was in line with what I paid for. It did not feel cheaply made and will definitely withstand many long-distance throws by Cole.

What’s nice is this is a snack container that will grow with him. The spill guard is removable, so maybe one day I won’t need to have that attached (wishful thinking?)!

The only negative is that the spill guard is stiff, making it more difficult for Cole to stick his hand through. However I believe with some regular use, that will wear in.

Now for the ultimate question: Did the Ubbi Tweat Snack Container actually reduce Cole’s notorious messiness?

The answer is a very pleased YES!

I gave it a test run today and discovered very few snacks left behind. Cole actually even closed the lid after he was done eating so when he shook it around to play, no crumbs fell out.

I will definitely be stocking up on more Ubbi Tweat Snack Containers for my travels.

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