The Top Most Annoying Questions Moms Get Asked

There are certain things you expect going into motherhood — like a lack of sleep, a changing body, and tight finances.

But this I didn’t see coming. Something I never expected or planned for are the brazen questions and assumptions I get badgered about all the time. Never in my life have people taken such an interest in what I do with my body parts and how I spend my time.

These used to seriously get under my skin and cause me anxiety. One year later, I’m learning to flip people a mental finger, smile, and walk away.

Here’s a list some of the worst offenders.

Are you breastfeeding?

My breasts are none of your business. I don’t care what you had for lunch today, so don’t mind what my baby eats.

Did you have a natural birth?

… do you REALLY want me to go into the details of how this baby exited my vagina?

How much weight did you gain?

Want to talk about the weight you’ve put on over the years instead, Susan?

When are you going back to work?

I actually plan to win the lottery and not be bothered with “work” ever again.

Aren’t you going insane being at home?

No, I’m going insane by having this conversation with you.

What do you do all day?

Well after I’m done sleeping in and enjoying my coffee, I watch some shows, do some light housekeeping, think of loving ways to dote on my husband, and sing and dance with the forest animals outside.

Can’t you sleep while the baby sleeps?

I have an off switch? I love my baby and we are in sync in so many ways, but unfortunately not with our bodily functions. But I sure wish I could poop as often as he does.

Is your baby doing [insert milestone] yet?

Yes, my one-year-old just completed a triathlon, is a published author and is applying to Harvard this fall. What is your child doing with his life?

When are you having another?


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