DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations

Instead of hiring someone who would charge thousands of dollars to create a wedding invitation suite, I decided to create my own fairytale wedding invitations. While I love the idea of DIY, I am challenged when it comes to crafting. Still, I wanted my invitations to feel as natural and handmade as possible while maintaining an air of elegance.

I had a vision in my mind, I just needed to find the right people to help piece it all together and bring it to life.

The Invitations

The first order of business was nailing down my invitation card designs. I knew I wanted letterpress invitations because nothing beats the authentic feel of freshly pressed cotton paper. I used Minted Weddings to design our Save the Date cards previously, and I was highly impressed with their quality, price point and customer service.

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Letterpress "Charming Go Lightly" Invitations
Minted Letterpress Invitations – “Charming Go Lightly” (Photo Credit:

Minted is almost always running a promotion to save 15-25% off wedding products. For ordering Save the Dates with Minted, they sent me a promo code toward wedding invitations. They’ll also send you free paper samples so you can touch and feel the quality beforehand. It was a no-brainer for me! After making a few modifications to the letterpress design of my choice (see above photo), I was ready to place my order.

The Envelopes

I received complimentary matching envelopes along with the Minted invitations. However, I opted to forgo printed address labeling. I envisioned a far more personalized touch — handwritten script calligraphy.

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Handwritten Script Calligraphy
DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Calligraphy by Sandra Kay Wright

Being from a town known for its talent and artistry, I did a quick Google search for local calligraphers and was most impressed with Sandra Kay Wright. Sandra worked with me to choose a handwritten style I liked best and was able to return the envelopes to me ahead of schedule (despite it being the Holidays!), Just take a look at how gorgeous these turned out.

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Handwritten Script Calligraphy

Going the extra mile to find a calligrapher to hand address your invitations is definitely worth it.  If the theme of your wedding is fairytale, garden-inspired and whimsical — this is a much needed touch at a reasonable cost (I paid $2.50 per envelope for the Copperplate script style).

The Postage

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Vintage Stamps | Postage
1978 Vintage Mint American Tree Stamps USA 15c | (Photo Credit: TreasureFox on Etsy)

Finding the right stamps to match my wedding’s theme was an afterthought for me. I didn’t even consider the impact they’d have on my invitation’s look! When the time came to put the finishing touches on the envelopes, I knew I couldn’t just slap a generic USPS stamp on them. I also didn’t want a large logo and ugly bar code that you see on new personalized stamps (like Zazzle’s). In no way does that match my fairytale garden theme. So I went vintage.

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Vintage Stamps | Collectible Postage

Here is a collection of the vintage stamps I chose to complete my invitations. If you’re interested in finding these, I highly recommend the sellers I used. I received all of these stamps within a week of placing the orders. Note: If your invitations weigh 2oz or more (mine did), your postage will need to equal at least 70 cents. That’s why multiple stamps were necessary. If you’re unsure about how heavy yours are, take them to your local post office and weigh them.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Wax Seal | Mickey | Disney Wedding
Sealing your envelopes with wax adds an authentic, personalized touch to your Fairytale Wedding Invitations.

Last but not least, I added a Mickey wax seal as a nod to our Walt Disney World venue. Who doesn’t love a “hidden Mickey”? My goal was to get our guests excited about where they’re traveling to. Your wax seal definitely doesn’t have to be a Mickey — there are so many design options to choose from. Use your monogrammed initials, a symbol that represents you as a couple or even your wedding date.

Pro-Tips for a DIY Wax Seal:
  • Use quality wax. I used Ocharzy Bottled Tablets in White, which dried smooth and flexible. It’s important to use the right wax so it holds up through the mailing process.
  • Don’t overheat your wax. Heating it too quickly or for too long will cause it to boil and form air pockets in the wax seal. Slow and steady, over a Tealight Candle, is what worked best for me. Here’s a great Seal Wax Kit to get you started.
  • Make them ahead of time. You don’t have to pour your wax directly onto the envelope and risk messing up. Use non-stick baking paper to stamp your wax seals, then use a quick-drying Fabric Glue to adhere them to your envelopes.
  • Imperfections are great. Don’t obsess about getting a perfectly round wax seal. Imperfections in the shape/texture give it a more natural feel.

The Finished Product

DIY Fairytale Wedding Invitations | Letterpress | Calligraphy | Vintage Stamps | Wax Seal

Simple yet elegant. It’s a blend of modern and vintage with DIY and professionalism for a truly fairytale experience.

Happy planning!


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