My Story | How I Became An Unashamed Mommy


Becoming a mom was something I always wanted. How I became a mom is another story.

Expectation: Secure a cushy job. Meet a man. Marry man. Live happily ever after.

Reality: Secured cushy job. Met man. Got pregnant three months later. Laid off cushy job at 25-years-old and five-months pregnant.

Although it seemed (and felt like) the most soul-crushing sequence of events at the time, everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we have to fall apart to become whole again.

I felt like my entire world had been blown to bits, because it had been. I realized in that moment I was someone who defined myself by what other people thought of me. What would my coworkers say about my out-of-wedlock¬†pregnancy? How long can I hide behind loose clothes? Oh my god, now I’m the girl who got knocked up and laid off … there’s a story for the office water cooler.

For every bit of misfortune I encountered, I slowly started to realize a greater truth …

I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

I was deeply unhappy with my life, but was too blinded by society’s expectations to see it. That is, until I was stripped bare of all the labels I wore and forced to just be me. It was a catharsis that some don’t realize until much later in life. I’m thankful to have not wasted more precious time.

With the most loving, supportive man by my side, I’m learning to live my best life. Unashamed. Proud of everything I’ve accomplished and comfortable with my flaws. I have the most beautiful family, and they are my entire world now.

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